Message from the President

Value the relationship with all of you, pursuing the prosperity of the society.

Japanese society is facing the serious concerns of rapid aging and very low birth rate; and the field of healthcare as a whole is encouraged to change.
Aiming to develop healthcare system in Japan, we try to connect our products with our customers and business partners. This is because we think such relationship will realize a more beneficial society with higher quality medical services for people in every generation.

And we, as a leading company of medical information system, not only keep in contribution to the society, but also would like continuously to supply the best products to our customers.

We do develop our products to create a more affluent community with keywords of “relationship” and “prosperity.”

NHOSA aims for IoT (Internet of Things), developing higher quality systems of products.

NHOSA Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy, Statement of Purpose, and Action Guidelines are the core elements of NHOSA Corporate Philosophy that are shared by every employee of NHOSA.

Management Philosophy: Contribution and Continuation

  • 1.Through the value creation of products and services, we contribute to the development and harmonization of the society and people’s health.
  • 2.We treasure every meeting with our customers and business partners, and we build relationships of trust with them. That brings us sustainable development together.
  • 3.We constantly understand the needs of customers, improve our technology and know-how, and perform creative business activities with providing top-quality products.

Statement of Purpose: We stand as a professional group of dental and medical field.

  • 1.We make efforts to improve convenience and profitability of customers as industry leader.
  • 2.We offer products and services, which are secure and matched to dental office environment.
  • 3.We cultivate a new market and develop further sophisticated products in dental and medical field. Through the infusion of our current business and the new ones, we create another corporate value.

Action Guidelines: To embody the corporation vision, each and every employee of NHOSA concentrates his/her courage, wisdom and invention to company organization.
The keywords of principles are mentioned below:

  • 1.“Courage”: We are not afraid of change.
    We are not content with our current situation and try to break the cake of the custom with courage.
  • 2.“Challenge”: We aim for higher goals.
    We always impose higher aims to our own and aspire to challenge.
  • 3.“Responsibility”: We are aware of our responsibility for achievement.
    We fully perform our tasks with pride and responsibility for our job.
  • 4.“Communication”: we communicate honestly with our customers and colleagues.
    We trust our internal and external partners, share the purpose, and develop links of communication.

Company Overview

〒164-0011 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 1-21-4 NHOSA building
TEL:03-5348-1881 (main) FAX:03-5348-1885
April 28, 1979
94,620,000 yen
Number of employees
260 (as of May 31, 2015)
Officer constitution
Chief Executive Officer   Hitoki Ishihama
Director          Nobuhiro Kuzuhara
Director          Megumi Kiyozuka
Director          Shunji Naka
Director          Masamune Konakamura
Major ban
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shinjuku west Branch | Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Nishishinjuku Branch | Mizuho Bank Fukagawa Branch
Business outline
Research and development, production, sale of medical information processing device and maintenance
Main business partners
Sale: National dentistry engine | Dental college Hospital | General hospital | National dental material trading company | Main lease companies of the whole country
Supplier: SORD Corporation |Seiko Epson Corporation | SoftBank C&S | NTT Data




In WiseStaff-9 Plus, you can make electronic medical record “correctly” and “easily”. We offer further convenience and the most suitable support to dental office


Merit of Electronic Medical Record Implementation


①Time shortening



Unlike medical record of paper, it does not take effort at time to look for a medical record one by one. Searching by patient name or medical record number, you can find the record you need immediately.

②Effective Use of Space


pic_intoro2As you save medical record as data, paperless in clinic is possible. You can widely use in-hospital space that we used as medical record shelf with another uses.

③Information sharing


pic_intoro3As the medical record data is saved at in-hospital server, it can be read by plural doctors and staff via browser. Of course it is a reliable product with login/password as security.

④Reduction of Risks


pic_intoro4Risks in the handling: to get wet, to be broken off or to become dirty, which can occur in paper medical record will decrease.

⑤Reducing the Cost of Print


pic_intoro5By decreasing the amount of paper and toner consumption for print, you can reduce running cost of printing.